Preventative Hygiene Care

Dental staff

The hygiene team at Dr. Philip M. Robitaille & Associates want to ensure your investment in your dental treatment, and that starts with building and maintaining a healthy foundation.  Our dedicated hygiene department are especially trained and highly skilled to work with you to begin the treatment process.  They will discuss all aspects of your treatment with you, including home care techniques to make sure your smile stays healthy.

Prioritizing routine preventative dental treatment is a must!  A dental cleaning, known as an oral prophylaxis, is the removal of dental plaque and tartar (calculus) from the teeth.  During your cleaning, these deposits are gently and comfortably removed without harming your teeth or existing restorations. 

We provide the following preventative services during your routine appointment:

  1. Preprocedural rinse – aimed to reduce microbial load in the oral cavity
  2. Comprehensive examination – visual inspection of your mouth, head, neck, existing dental work, including concerns related to gum and bone recession are evaluated.
  3. Digital X-Rays – high quality diagnostic images at especially low dose radiation.
  4. Intraoral Images – diagnostic photos enhance your understanding of your oral condition when considering your treatment needs.
  5. Velscope Oral Cancer screening – helps your provider discover oral disease BEFORE it can be seen under ordinary light.
  6. Bone level readings – also called “perio probing numbers” assists in the diagnosis of the condition of your gum health.