CBCT scan

Advanced 3D Digital Diagnostic Imaging

An image of a CS 9300 scanning systemA CBCT scan, also called “computerized tomography” is an X-ray technique that produces 3D images of your skull, allowing visualization of internal bony structures in cross-section rather than overlapping images that are typically produced by conventional radiographs (X-rays). Historically, most X-rays have been two-dimensional. When using 2D images, there lacks the ability to see what structures go together to comprise the anatomy being radiographed. Such 3D images provide far more diagnostic ability and offer us as your dental professional more complex knowledge of the following:

  • Higher accuracy when planning implant and other surgeries
  • Greater chance of diagnosing conditions such as vertical root fractures and endodontic pathology that can be missed on conventional X-rays
  • Greater opportunity of providing images and information which may result in the patient avoiding unnecessary, and sometimes invasive dental treatment
  • Better diagnostic capability of third molar (wisdom teeth) positioning in proximity to vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels prior to removal
  • CBCT scan enhances your dentist’s ability to see what needs to be done before treatment is started
  • Enhanced patient safety, more predictable outcomes, less discomfort and faster treatment